Sunday, June 14, 2009

The 2009 DeCelle Memorial Tahoe Relay

As you can see in the movie, we had a blast again this year at the DeCelle Memorial Tahoe Relay. Weather-wise, we had all four seasons in one day, but for the most part it was great for running. We managed to break last year's time by 33 minutes, easily breaking 11 hours (10:52 and 64th overall out of 116 teams). Next year, we'll try to go sub-10!

This year, we had the following leg assignments:
  1. (9.6 Miles) Sean--Started us out and ran nice and even to finish in 1:42
  2. (8.2 Miles) Chris--Blew by about 50 runners (a.k.a. bogeys) in an incredible 55 minutes and change on the steepest leg of the course
  3. (10.3 Miles) Rocky--Battled altitude sickness and cramps, but never gave up and finished in 2:28
  4. (12.3 Miles) Peter--The first of two--finished this sunny section in 1:30
  5. (10.6 Miles) Turi--Paced really well and kept passing people, finishing in 1:19
  6. (10.5 Miles) Peter--Back for more--finished this rainy section (including the infamous 'Hill from Hell') in 1:28
  7. (10.5 Miles) Hayes--Anchored the race, ran all the way up to Inspiration Point in the rain and then finished strong in 1:26
Check out the blogs from Chris and Turi for more pictures and stories.

Next Up: Volunteering at the Western States 100 Miler in two weeks.


Turi said...

EXCELLENT little slideshow, Peter. I'm still working on my pics, but I hope a lot of my readers redirect over to your video. Thanks again - great day!

SnowLeopard said...

Dude, Peter, that was AWESOME! I SO wish I could have run with the team this year~ you have no idea... Thanks for picking up my leg! :)

Anonymous said...

Please congratulate the team for a great run and especially to Rocky for sticking it out. It happens to the best at that altitude. You guys better start training for next year because the Grass Valley #1 team (Olde Fartleks) will be back to give you guys a run for your money.

Peter Lubbers said...

Hi Frank,
You better believe we're already training for next year. Think two-a-days, with fartleks for breakfast! :-)

peter said...

Nice job, all of you! You're a two-a-day man, I see. Where did you find someone who can do Leg 2 in under an hour?! I did Leg 2 in 1:18 and thought I did great (just to finish it).

Which leg do you think is harder, Two or Six?

Peter Lubbers said...

The sub-1 hour leg 2 runner would be Reno's lightning-fast Chris Badolato. Chris runs a lot of local 5 and 10K races with us and he is usually done, showered, and dressed before we arrive at the finish.
I ran leg 2 last year (1:03) and can tell you that's the hardest one. It is also covers the last eight miles of the first marathon in the Tahoe Triple and Super Triple.
We nicknamed the hill to Spooner Summit the "Hill from Heaven" as opposed to the "Hill from Hell," which is the climb up to DL Bliss State Park on leg 6--everyone knows it is easier to go to hell than it is to go to Heaven ;-)

Bretspot said...

Great video and slideshow, I added it to the official Lake Tahoe Relay website.
-Bret DeCelle

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