Friday, September 7, 2007

Labor Day Weekend at Tahoe

Last weekend, we had a fun time around the Lake. We stopped by the Adidas Outlet store to buy some running shoes for the kids' upcoming Lake Tahoe Half Marathon. While we were there, we ran into Sarah from PCTR. Wendel was out running the entire TRT (165 miles) in one go! That is something that I am planning to do next year. Wendel did a great job, finishing on Monday night in just under 66 hours. It was a very hot weekend, which, as Sarah said, made a tough undertaking even tougher. In the past, Sarah has also run the entire TRT, so I am going to ask Wendel and Sarah if they want to share some of their tips and expertise and I will post that on the blog.

On Sunday, we went to the Labor Day Tent Sale at Heavenly and picked up a new snowboard for Rocky, as well as some other snowboard gear for the kids. (They can't wait for the snow to come!) After that, we had a great lunch at Sprouts. I love their food and juices, so I am definitely coming back to eat there during the Super Triple. (I already warned the owner and started a punch-discount card :) )

On Sunday we went for a run on the North Shore. Sean ran ahead and I ran a little bit with Rocky, while Vicky was crewing for us. Training for the kids' half marathon and the Super Triple is going full speed ahead now and all the tightness from the TRT100 and Cool12Hr is gone.

We finished at one of my other favorite places, Tahoe House Bakery. This Swiss-style bakery is another must-visit place!

Next up,in two weeks, 7 marathons in 7 days:
  • Double Marathon -- 9/22
  • 10K race -- 9/23
  • Super Triple marathon one -- 9/27
  • Super Triple marathon two -- 9/28
  • Super Triple 72-miler -- 9/29

I guess I should sign up for Marathon Maniacs after that week, because that would be good enough for the Ruthenium level :)


Michael Kanning said...

Wendell and Sarah are just nuts (in a good way), but you're also planning the entire TRT in one go next year?!! Man, I thought the Stevens Creek 50K today was tough. You are truly an "ultraholic"!

I'll be seeing you at RDL/Sierra Nevada Double Marathon in two weeks. I look forward to it!


hao said...

hi peter,

this is hao. i met you briefly in passing during 12 hours at cool. i was the guy you ran past on the single track near the fire station on your 4th loop. you have a crazy schedule coming up. i am doing rdl so i'll definitely see you at cavitt school. ps, if i get a little faster next year, i'd love to do the entire tahoe rim trail with you. i've been thinking about that since trt 50.



Peter Lubbers said...

Thanks Hao and Michael,
I'll see you both at RDL in two weeks.

Hao: yes I do remember meeting you at 12-hr@Cool.


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