Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Congrats to the 2007 Grand Slam Finishers!

The 2007 Grand Slam Finishers (Photo courtesy of Chihping Fu)

Congratulations to Dave and the other 10 men and women who finished the Grand Slam on Sunday!

Over the weekend, I kept monitoring the Wasatch 100 website anxiously to track Dave Yeakel jr's progress. After successfully completing Western States, Vermont 100, and Leadville 100, with about a month between each race, he ran another solid race in 33:14, well ahead of the 36-hour cutoff. Fantastic performance, Dave! I am looking forward to the final race report.

Congrats also to Chihping, who toughed it out at Wasatch to make it to the final cutoff with nine minutes to spare. He did this after finishing TRT100, Burning River 100, and Cascade Crest 100, with only about two weeks in between each race. To top it off, he is signed up for Rio Del Lago 100 in two weeks!

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