Tuesday, September 25, 2007

#505 Ready for the Lake Tahoe Super Triple

Well, we're here. About to go to bed now and all set for tomorrow's 1st marathon from Inspiration Point to Spooner Summit.

Lots of exciting stuff going on. First of all, check out an interview with yours truly in the Tahoe World paper: http://www.tahoe-world.com/content/view/10592/98/. The article features a nice picture that my dad took of me on my way to Spooner Summit (below).

A few days ago, to my complete surprise, I received a package filled with goodies from my co-workers Janet, Susan, and Deb. I had told them why we were not having our regular meeting today and they pulled together a great gift. The box contained everything from footcare products and massage tools to power bars and finish-line confetti! Thanks!

Christmas came early this year!

Another exciting thing is that the new 2008 Guiness book is now out and features the updated article about the world record for running three marathons in three days (8:11).

The new record was set last year at the Tahoe Triple by Johan Oosthuizen. I was fortunate enough to meet Johan and his wife; they are wonderful people and Johan is an incredible athlete. Johan will not be here this year.

The new Guiness World Record book, complete with glow in the dark features :)

I left early today to give Sean a ride to school. He had to hand in his aqueduct history project early, since he is going to miss school on Friday so that he can come up here to run the half marathon with his brother Rocky.

The "A+queduct"

After that, I loaded up the truck and picked up my crew, Chris and Rebecca. We drove to Nevada City and had a great lunch at Fudenjuice.

Fudenjuice in Nevada City
After that, we drove to Tahoe. We scouted out the course from the casinos to Spooner and for once there is no highway construction going on.
Race Expo and triple buffet are at the Horizon Casino

At the hotel, I just got everything organized. clothes, including three fresh pairs of Balega socks -- one for each race.
At 4:30, we went to the Triple buffet. We picked up the really cool looking bibs, a nice windjacket, and the timing chips. The triple runners received a blue racing singlet, 72-mile ultra runners received a green singlet, and the Super Triple praticipants got a nice orange singlet. That was a nice touch.
Sean Meissner and Thomas Reiss spoke about the course and there were some other speakers. The big surprise is that Thomas won't be running the triple this year, so, as Les Wright said, "There will be a new winner."

The new bibs
One of the speakers was Tom Linthicum, who swam across Lake Tahoe from North to South. It was interesting to hear his story. He failed the first time, but learned a lot from his mistakes (like, don't eat smoked salmon on the go). He tried it again and succeeded. Quite an amazing feat. I don't think I would last a mile in the water myself.
With Tom Linthicum
Will keep you posted on the progress during the race and send me those positive vibes!


Herman Lubbers said...

Lieve Peter,
Zojuist je verslag van de voorbereidingen gelezen.Wat een aardige attentie van je collega's.Zo te lezen ben je er helemaal klaar voor. En ik denk je helpers ook. We volgen je verslagen van de race op de voet.
Nogmaals heel veel sukses.
Liefs van mama en papa.

Chihping Fu 傅治平 (超馬阿爸) said...

Wow! Another great run after winning SNER (and 3rd place at 10K next day). I can't believe it! You must have amazingly fast recovery time, which was how you could win Tahoe Super Triple last year!

Sincerely wish you good luck in defending your championship!


Dave Yeakel Jr said...

My favorite color in a race singlet, much nicer than last year.....I am rooting for your repeat victory.

hao said...

good luck this weekend, peter. hope you have a blast out there. can't wait to hear your stories.



Eudemus said...

Well, your already off and running as I write this, but have a great race! I love the goodie package from your co-workers, especially the "Quality" poster. Totally classic!


Susan said...

Peter -- How great to see our package displayed within your blog about your extraordinary run! We are SO pleased it gave you a lift. Susan

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