Friday, September 9, 2011

Live: Two TRT Record Attempts

Update 9/11/11:

Both attempts were abandoned at miles 50 (Aaron) and 87 (Michael). Better luck next time, guys.

The TRT is heating up. It turns out there isn't just one unsupported Tahoe Rim Trail record attempt (See my last post about Aaron Sorensen). Michael Popov (who at one time held the JMT unsupported record) is also running, but going the other direction. Both are going for the fastest unsupported time, which currently stands at 85h47m50s (by Adam Bradley), according to Peter Bakwin's FKT site (this also has details about the supported records).

Michael Popov in action

You can follow Michael live via his Spot tracker at this link.

It looks like Michael blazed his way through desolation wilderness already. Good luck guys!

Finally, David Wronsky is going to go for a TRT run in one-shot as well. Barefoot! You can read more about this on his site: We were both interviewed by Moonshine Ink about barefoot running recently (I will post details soon).


Olga said...

Wow, 2 guys on a hunt!

Anonymous said...

Michaels 2nd attempt, (actually 3rd) was a great time at 63:54. He had serious problems with his left ankle and was only able to get about an hour of good sleep. He even got lost or thought he was lost in the last few hours and backtracked adding about 45 minutes.

Written by: Aaron Sorensen

alexjackson1976gmail said...

I am so amazed with your spirit guys for whatever the hindrances you may encounter in your travel you're still brave to finish whatever you started. Keep it up! Good luck! DUB turbo

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