Friday, September 26, 2008

The Tahoe Super Triple 2008--Day 2

Ran a nice second marathon, cruising in at 3:29:19. Third overall, increasing my lead in the Super Triple to at least 40 minutes, if not more. Feeling good and ready for tonight. Going to bed now to get some sleep.

Chuck and Blue on the Descent to Incline Village

Chuck Engle won this stage and he is back in the race after a rough first day (Maybe it was all the good food we made him eat at Sprouts yesterday). Day 1 winner, Blue, follows close behind him. Chuck goes into tomorrow's run with a 6-minute lead. That should be interesting!

After the race we all went back to Sprouts to have lunch. It was fun to hang out a bit. Sean Meissner also showed up, ready to go fast in tonight's 72-miler.


I want to dedicate today's run to friend Edward Lohman, who recently passed away. Edward was a wonderful, spiritual person, who truly kept everything in perspective with his down-to-earth view of the world. Edward: Now that you're amongst the stars, we'll make sure your words live on.


Turi said...

Nice job, Peter. I rode my motorcycle up to South Lake to pick up my packet, then around the west side of the lake to look at tomorrow's course. I was hoping to ride past you, but didn't make it to Tahoe City until just after noon, so you were long finished. Still lots of Triplers coming through, though. Maybe next year for me. Hope to see you tomorrow to congratulate you.

Gretchen said...

Awesome job again Peter! I can't believe you'll be running again in just a few short hours. Honestly Peter, I really appreciate your dedication to ultra running, and it is so great to watch you compete. I'll be out there looking for you tomorrow, good luck!

SnowLeopard said...

Hey, congrats on the second great time in a row! Your enthusiasm for running is contagious- makes me want to get out there and run 'till I drop. :) Good luck on your triple!

slowrunner77 said...

after reading yesterday's and today's results, all i can say is HOLY CRAP! ...and way to go!

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