Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fun at the Lake Tahoe Relay!

On Saturday, Chris, Amber, Turi, Sean, Rocky, Hayes, and I had a real blast at the 44th annual Tahoe Relay. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, check out my (Animoto) movie located at http://runlaketahoe.blogspot.com/2008/06/fun-at-tahoe-relay.html

With Tahoe Triple's Angel

Highlights of the 2008 Tahoe Relay:
  • Chris Badolato and his wife kindly let us sleep at their house the night before, complete with dinner and movie.
  • Hayes ran a great first leg
  • I surprised myself by running from Zephyr Cove to Spooner Summit in 63 minutes
  • Rocky gutted out 10.3 miles despite many blisters and Sean pushed through for 10.6 miles, despite the super-hot temperatures (I could not have been prouder of these kids!)
  • It was great to finally meet Turi and Amber in person
  • Beautiful vistas
  • Getting a new appreciation for crewing by being on the other side of it for a change
  • Dinner with the other Sierra Trailblazers
I Definitely want to do this again next year!

Hayes 1:21:26 (9.6) -- 8:30
Peter 1:03:01 (8.2) -- 7:41
Rocky 2:10:34 (10.3) -- 12:41
Turi 1:38:15 (12.3+) -- 7:50
Sean 2:09:56 (10.6) -- 12:16
Chris 1:13:05 (10.5) -- 6:57
Amber 1:58:43 (10.5) -- 11:18

Next up:
The Oracle 5K (I might have to bandit this one) and then we're off to Holland!

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Turi said...

What a great day! Hazy and hot, but so much fun. It was really interesting to be a part of; I'd never done a relay before...

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