Friday, September 28, 2007

Tahoe Super Triple Report for Day 2

Day 2 -- 3:44!

Had a great second marathon. Basically just cruised all the way with the help of my super crew. Caught Steve Young (super triple leader after day 1 by 30 minutes) at the 18 mile mark and just took it easy to the finish, coming in at 3:44 (5th overall). For the first time ever, I ran a faster second marathon during the triple. Steve Young came in in 4:23, which means I am now in the lead by about 9 minutes. Still a lot of racing left though.

Extreme Crewing with Chris

Thomas Reiss was out for his morning run around Incline Village and joined me for about 2 miles. Lynards Skynrod came in first overall in 2:50 and will have to run well below 2:40 tomorrow to break Johan's world record.

With Thomas Reiss around Incline Village

Immediately after the race, I iced the legs in the lake, then had lunch (Sprouts) and picked up the half marathon bibs for Sean and Rocky at the expo. Now I am off to bed.

Going to bed now (final race starts at midnight). Keep sending those positive vibes -- it is working!


hao said...

awesome run, pete! hope you finish as strong as you started tomorrow. best of running and have fun.




Nice job on day 2, good luck on the last part today (once again, I think you're already running, 5 hours 50 minutes to be exact).

Dave Jr said...

Final day......I'm sure that you will have to return next year to defend that title again !! I don't think any super triples will match you at the 72 mile distance.

Hopefully you've run smart and Chris & Rebecca have kept you fueled up - did you get your Starbucks at Incline Village this year? :-)

Elisabeth and Herman said...

Dear Peter,

What a great race Peter! And the time: 3 forty-four!! Amazing.
We can hardly wait for the last race on Saturday. At this time (5pm in Holland) you are still running the 72 miles.Churchill said once:"If you are going through hell, keep going".
Success Peter and till later.
We are looking forward to the results.
Love from your parents.

Herman Lubbers said...

And we are also looking forward to the results of the two boys Sean and Rocky.
And Vittoria is still at the finish line to welcome her sons and husband? What a great day for all of you!

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