Saturday, June 16, 2012

Joining Google

Big news! After about four great years at Kaazing (a Mountain View-based start-up company focused on building a world-class enterprise WebSocket server), I'm super excited to report that I will be joining Google. I will start as a Program Manager in the Chrome Developer Relations team on Monday!

About two years ago, I had the opportunity to co-author the book Pro HTML5 Programming together with my former colleagues Brian Albers and Frank Salim. While writing the book, I turned some of the concepts covered in the book into what would become the first formal HTML5 training course in the world.

The 2nd edition of Pro HTML5 Programming (also in Chinese, Russian, Korean, and other languages) 

Demand for our training skyrocketed and before long I was teaching HTML5 training courses all over the world and we built a bigger training team to handle the demand. I flew about 450K miles over the last 4 years to places far and near and met great people along the way. All in all, it has been a great ride and I feel very privileged to have been able to do so.

With my HTML5 License Plate

Shortly after launching the HTML5 training, I founded the San Francisco HTML5 User Group and that rapidly grew to be the biggest HTML5 user group in the world, with almost 4,500 members today (thanks in large part to my co-organizer and former colleague, Vanessa Wang). 

In the process, I found that I was really passionate about explaining (in training courses, user group meetings, and at conference talks) how you can use HTML5 technology to build cutting-edge web applications. I also really enjoy working with a wide range of bleeding edge technologies. So, when the opportunity came along to do just that at a global scale at Google with a world-class team, I could not pass it up. I can't wait to get started!

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Turi Becker said...

Congrats, Peter! It'll be interesting to keep following you in your career there. And keep running, too!

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