Monday, June 22, 2009

Lance Armstrong Rolls into Nevada City, Wins the 2009 Classic

Pretty cool to have Lance in our backyard! Unfortunately, I had a deadline at work that kept me glued to my desk, so hopefully he will come back next year.

Instead of the usual 3000 spectators, more than 20,000 lined the course today. The race runs right through downtown Nevada City (Broad Street), which is also home to the Run through the Colors 5 and 10K. Lance apparently cranked out the 1.1 mile loop in about 2.5 minutes!

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Dave - Atlanta Trails said...

sorry you missed him. Cycling is such a great spectator event. I was fortunate enough to attend the Tour de France in '98 (and countless other races before and since). It's always a spectacle. Too bad that EPO has ruined the credibility of the sport...

P.s. I LOVE following Lance on Twitter. Highly recommended.

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