Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Shoe Review: Nike Air Zoom Vomero+ 4

It's that time of year again! Nike released yet another update to the lightweight Air Zoom Vomero+ (part of the Bowerman line of shoes). The Air Zoom Vomero has been my favorite shoe since 2006.

For me, it's a reminder that the Tahoe Super Triple is coming up again.
Note: you can sign up for the Triple now with a 14% discount using the "MayStimulus14" promo code.
The Vomero versions line up nicely with the Tahoe Super Triple editions. I ran the inaugural Super Triple (2006) in version 1 of the shoe, the second in version 2, and I set last year's course record (20:32) in version 3. This year, I plan to break that record again in version 4 of this super comfortable shoe, which has become a sort of lucky charm (aiming for a sub-19 finish).

I tried out my brand new pair of Nike Air Zoom Vomero 4s at the recent Spring Run 10K in Nevada City and they did not disappoint. I did not like Air Zoom Vomero version#3 as much as version#2, but version#4 feels as comfortable as version#2 again, with an even better fit. My version#3 shoes (and I wore quite a few pairs) wore out faster than version 2. Since I only just bought the new version, it is too early to tell how these will hold up.

Here is my review:
  • Cushiness: Excellent. Or, as Sean Meissner likes to call it, "uber-excellent!")
  • Fit: Excellent. This shoe is ready to race the minute you put it on.
  • Toughness: Good. This shoe is not super-protective, but the cushioning protects the bottom of your feet really well.
  • Flexibility: Excellent. This shoe is very flexible.
  • Side-to-side Stability: Excellent. This shoe is very light but still provides the excellent side-to-side stability you would expect in a road shoe. This part was better in version 2, not as good in version 3, but back again in version 4.
  • Grip: Good. This shoe handled great on the road and dry trails. They are not trail shoes, but to give you an idea, I ran the entire 165-mile Tahoe Rim Trail in one go in one pair of Air Zoom Vomero #2s (I picked them mainly for the light weight and superior cushioning).
  • Switchback Handling: N/A. I have not taken this out on the trail yet, but this should be OK.
  • Weight: Excellent. This is the lightest shoe I have come across that you can ultra-distance road and trail distances on.
  • Price: OK. A bit high at $130, but worth every penny of it. Check the Nike outlet stores for better prices. Nike sales reps: contact me for my "free samples" mailing address ;-)
  • Overall: This is a great update!

Version 4 is not on Amazon yet, but here are some links to some good deals on versions 2 & 3


Donald said...

Sounds pretty plush ... but way out of my price range.

BTW, your purple/lavender wiki find totally made my day yesterday. Thanks a ton.

slowrunner77 said...

that's funny that #2 is more than #3...maybe you're on to something. I'd like to try em too, but rarely spend even the $90 for an old model. The shoes i'm wearing now are Nike Lunatrainer for speedwork (paid $60, retail $100), New Balance ? trail (gift certificate $100), Nike Air Zoom Elite (retail $95+, got em for $40) and a yet to be broken in pair of Asics DS trainers - the two year old version, but I got them at Ross in my size for $38/$110 retail.

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