Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sub-40 or Bust!

This Thursday, I'll be making another attempt at a sub-40 10K at the Michael Bratton II Turkey Trot 5 and 10K in Nevada City. Last year, I ran a 41:51 (9th overall) on this course , which has quite a few ups and downs in it.

Turkey Trot Elevation Profile

I have tried to break the sub-40 mark a few times over the past years, and I think I would have made it on various occasions if I had picked a flatter course. The problem around here is that there are hills everywhere. This time, however, I feel like I am ready for it despite the terrain.

I surprised myself at the Run through the Colors recently by running a 40:01 and I have been running Yasso-800 workouts weekly to improve my leg turnover for my upcoming sub-3 marathon attempt (planning on going for it at the Redding Marathon in January).

The speedwork is going really well. I started with four 800 meter repeats and have now built up to 10 of these speed workouts at about 2:46 average pace on the track and 2:58 on a flat trail close to my place. I have been adding one to two repeats every week and it has amazed me to see that an effort that feels almost seems impossible one week feels quite easy the next week. I tried to talk Michael into joining me at the Homewood track last week while I was in the Bay Area, but he opted to stay in bed instead--well, you snooze, you lose!

As far as the Grand Prix points go, we'll just have to see how it pans out, but I am still hopeful that a good place in the 10K will allow me to edge my way into the top-3 behind Chris and Larry in the 30-39 age group. I don't think I'll have a much better shot at GP points if I run the 5K, so trying to break the elusive 40-minute mark this year will be much more fun.

Interestingly, Turi will be shooting for his sub-45 10K on Thursday, so wish us luck!


Sean Lang said...


With how you have been running this year Sub-40 should be in the bag!!


Turi said...

Good luck to you, too Peter. And thanks for the tips on the training program -

Dave - Atlanta Trails said...

Good luck, Peter! Kick booty!

Anonymous said...

All the best on your sub-40 10K! I look forward to your report.

Alan Fletcher said...

Hey Peter, 2:46 800s is haulin' ass. I didn't realize you were sneaking in any speedwork..... You should easily do sub 40 on any normal course, but if you keep running up and down mountains what do you expect :-)

how is redding? is it reasonably flat? if so, with your endurance/mileage and that 2:46 speed you should be comfortably under 3.

cheers - alan

Michael Kanning said...

"You snooze you lose"...hey! I recently ran a 40:01 6 mile which beats your 10K PR...in a workout. So be glad I'm not racing you at this Turkey Trot! :D

I do hope you go sub-40 though. Good luck!

Peter Lubbers said...

Thanks Alan,
Redding starts with 3 downhill miles and then it's mostly flat with some hills between 10 and 13.5.
It's not all paved, but it should not be too slow.
Someone who ran it said to expect about 3-4 minutes slower than on a faster/flatter course.

saschasdad said...

With you 2:46 Yassos, I'll be really surprised if you don't break 40 in the 10k. And as long as you're getting in your long runs (which, as an ultrarunner, I know you are), sub-3 at Redding should definitely be in the bag. Have fun playing on the track.

Catherine said...

Have a great run this morning Peter. Wish I was there but alas, I have to man the fire station. Looks like a beautiful morning but a sub-40. Good luck. I know you'll do it.

Catherine said...

That should have been "beautiful morning for a sub-40". Oops.

Alan Fletcher said...

Hay Peter - it's 9:15 already. you should have been done 5 minutes ago.... where is the update?

kelly said...

Kick butt, Peter. I know you can do it. I'm sure the speedwork is really helping you with your leg turnover. If it wasn't so painful, I'd try it myself! Ha! Happy Turkey Day!

Peter Lubbers said...

Yes! I made it in 39:51! Second place overall, too! Will post the story tomorrow.

saschasdad said...

Attaboy, Peter!

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