Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cool New Ultra Website: Ultra Signup

Mark Gilligan just pointed me to his new Ultra Signup site. A pretty cool idea and a good-looking website. Registration and results are not implemented yet, but it provides a pretty neat way to search for ultras. I'm looking forward to some of the future enhancements.
To quote the About Us page "Ultra Signup was a grass roots idea to bring information as well as a valued service closer to both the beginning trail enthusiast as well as top notch athletes. It was designed by people who have a huge passion for the outdoors and trail running. Bringing the ability to search for events using a variety of variables such as distance, altitude and elevation, will enable people to find the optimal race.
Not only are we trying to bring you race information in one centralized location, we would also like to encourage race directors to add back to the sport of Ultra Runnning by hosting their online registration with us."
Check it out:


Hart said...

thanks for the tip. looks cool.

olga said...

really cool page!

Jean Pommier said...

This is "ultra cool"!!

Great to have Mark putting his skills into this. We discussed the idea after the snafus for Miwok and WTC (what I called cyber sprinting), last winter, glad to see it coming to life. Really like the design and ease of use/navigation.

Great job, Mark (great use of the time you could not run when injured!), and thanks for the pointer, Peter.

Just one more thought though: what about bridging together similar efforts and contributions by Stan Jensen, Peter Zinsli and Gary Wang, to name a few? To leverage all the "ultra-volunteering" work of these guys in this area.

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