Monday, February 4, 2008

January in Review

Running in the Sierra Foothills close to the Yuba River
Wow, a month of training already went by! It’s time to post something, anything this year!

Although the blog has been quiet, I have not exactly been sitting still. Training for the 165-Mile Tahoe Rim Trail Run officially started on January first. After a slow start, I am now logging 60-70 (mountain) miles a week.

I made quite a few changes to my training, diet, and other things. Here are some examples:


  • Longer training runs -- I replaced my flat 6-mile loop with a +/-10 mile mountain run.
  • Mountain miles – The new training loop has 2300’ elevation gain and features a 500’ straight climb.
  • More long runs -- For a long run, I got the go-ahed from a local rancher to run through a fantastic ranch, all the way to the Yuba River and back up (1050’ elevation gain and loss in one go).
  • Organic foods -- Lots of fruits, vegetables, and healthy juices.
  • Rolfing treatments – from Rolfing in the Sierras in Nevada City – this is pretty amazing, you feel like a new person after this and I already verified that it improves performance
    Greens+ organic energy bars -- This is my new race snack of choice! If you have not tried this great-tasting, all-organic superfood bar, you should. You can buy them on their website, but I also found them at Trader Joe’s.

Greens+ Bars (get them by the case!)


  • Speedwork – But I guess you can call 50Ks speedwork...
  • Junk food – No sugar, no processed foods, and no fried food. Also, no more sports drinks that have unnatural coloring in it and very little meat and dairy.
  • Caffeine – this was the hardest (headaches for a week), but getting easier now. Saving that thermos of coffee for mile 100 (with 65 to go!).

Next up, more base training.


Alan Fletcher said...

wow - looks like you are taking this whole nutrition thing pretty seriously. i'm still trying to eat enough each day so i don't lose any more weight!

see you wednesday!

- alan

Sunshine Girl said...

Hi Peter -
You live in a very cool corner of the world: I think I would definately enjoy a run by the Yuba river! Alas winter for 4 more months....
On a food note: kudos to making some great eating decisions, a few years back while adventure racing we created what we thought (at the time) was the ultimate endurance food: Bacon dipped in chocolate! Yummerz! Unfortunately you can't have any because it is junk, processed and fried!

Peter Lubbers said...

That does sound like a tasty treat :)

Dave - Atlanta Trails said...

Good for you! I love your commitment, especially to eating/living healthier. It's on my agenda as well. For now, though, I'm trying to gobble through all the unhealthy food in our home, so that none of it is left!

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