Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Stack of Pancakes

The October issue of Ultrarunning magazine had a nice writeup by Nancy Warren (RD) about the 12 Hours at Cool event that I ran earlier this year (Page 57). the article wraps up with my finish-line breakfast request: "His only request when finished, was a stack of pancakes."

Yes, it's no secret that I love pancakes. When I was a kid, my dad and I would do an enormous amount of long-distance walking, mostly in Holland, Great Britain, and Germany. We would frequently cover 30 to 60 kilometers a day and at age 14 we covered more than 1000K in one one summer vacation.

While we were walking, we were always on the lookout for pancake restaurants. These are quite common in Holland and are called "pancake houses," or "pancake farms." We tried hundreds of these places and we graded each restaurant based on quality, ambiance, and so on. Our favorite (and in our expert opinion, Holland's finest) pancake restaurant is called Het Vergulden Hert (The Golden Deer). It is located in Elspeet, in the forests in the middle of Holland.
During the 12 Hours at Cool night run, the volunteers cooked up all kinds of delicious food. Every time I would pass the aid station, they would have bacon, breakfast burritos, and, of course, pancakes. I kept telling the volunteers I would be back at 7 a.m. to take them up on their offer and Nancy's husband made me a nice stack as soon as I finished.
Next up, Lake of the Sky 50K on the Tahoe Rim Trail on Saturday. The weather forecast looks good.


Herman Lubbers said...

Hallo Peter,

En als we de pannenkoeken ophadden konden we weer verder, richting Wenum met als uiteindelijke doel Deventer. Weet je nog?
Groeten, papa.

Peter Lubbers said...

Ja, heel leuk was dat.
Powered by pancakes :)

Dirt Runner said...

Peter thanks for the comments on my blog. I just got finish reading that article this morning. I was lucky enough to run with Nancy at Sunmart and Rocky Raccoon this year. I ate pancakes after the AT100 from a local I love pancakes.

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