Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New Bottle Lamps Ready for TRT100

Lights, Bottles and Gel...Action!
Last month, while I was pacing for Dave Yeakel at WS100, he pulled out a small little light that he had fabricated to fit around his water bottle. It worked really well as an extra light so I decided to get something just like it for TRT100. With night running, the more light the better!

I found this great little 1 oz Black Diamond (The Ion) that has a nice elastic band (I cut part of i off to save another 0.5 oz), which will slip right over my two Ultimate Direction water bottles (see picture above). I plan to use this as my only light for the prerace activities and the first hour or so of the race and I'll pick them up at the aid station again at night along with my trusted Zenix IQ (Plus extra lithium batteries).
The race starts in less than three days, wish me luck!

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